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How to Make a Luminous Outlines Effect in Adobe After Effects | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Brian Connell
Brian Connell
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Add glowing echoes to any video.

Start from scratch, or download the project file containing the sample assets [ https://adobe.ly/3rWED78 ] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your file:

1. Open the sample project in After Effects.
2. Duplicate the video clip layer in the Timeline.
3. Scrub the playhead forward in the timeline, about 3 seconds.

Outline the scene:

1. Search for Cartoon in Effects & Presets (Window – Effects & Presets).
2. Double-click to apply the effect.
3. In the Effect Controls Panel, set Render to Edges and experiment with the settings. Here are the values we used:
• Detail Radius: 40
• Detail Threshold: 75
• Edge Threshold: 1.30
• Edge Width: 0.8

Add some color:

1. Search for Invert in Effects & Presets.
2. Double-click to apply the effect.
3. Search for Tint in Effects & Presets.
4. Double-click to apply the effect.
5. Change Map White to the desired color. We chose #FF6305.

Make it echo:

1. Search for Echo in Effects & Presets.
2. Double-click to apply it and then adjust the settings. Here are the values we chose:
• Echo Time: -0.1
• Number of Echoes: 5
• Echo Operator: Maximum

Blend the footage:

1. In the timeline, with the outline layer selected, expand the blend mode menu.
2. Change the blend mode to Add.

Create a mask:

1. Select the Pen tool.
2. Click to add points that create a selection, or mask, around the cyclist.
3. Open the Mask settings in the toolbar.
4. Feather the mask to 85 pixels.

That's it!

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