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Who were the Puritans? | American History Homeschool Curriculum

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Brian Connell
Brian Connell
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Excerpt from Dave Raymond's American History homeschool curriculum, available at http://bit.ly/2SWZHqD Who were the Puritans? What were they really like? The answers might surprise you. See American History taught with a unique storytelling style in this sample video from Compass Classroom. With this online history curriculum, students can join instructor Dave Raymond as he takes them on a journey through American history.

What makes this homeschool history curriculum so different?
First, the unique teaching style immerses students in the study of US History. By studying not only events and dates but also digging more in-depth to examine the motives and the thoughts behind the events, students gain a new appreciation for American history. Next, this course is taught with a Christian Worldview, meaning that every aspect of history is looked at through a Biblical lens.

This course is perfect for students in middle school and high school. High school students can even earn a full one-hour history credit upon completion of this course.

When purchasing this course, you will receive over 30 hours of online history lectures, a student reader, weekly exams, four projects, and details for a student history notebook that will be completed throughout the year. This comprehensive program is not only engaging for students but also easy for parents.

Don't just take our word for it, find more product information, plus parent reviews on the Compass Classroom website. Check it out today! http://bit.ly/2SWZHqD

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